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What is PC Support?

This application will let me connect to you computer. While the application is running I will be able to view and interact with your computer as if I was sitting in front of it. This way I can diagnose your computer problems without having to drive to your house.

How much does it cost?

I just started this service so we'll have to talk and work out an agreed upon contract.

How does it work?

It works by making an outgoing connection to my computer. My computer listens for the incoming connection and then displays your computer in a window on my computer. Since you're initiating the outgoing connection you don't need to know how to properly configure your router or firewall.

How to I use it?

Download the application below. Then find where it downloaded it to, usually the desktop or in My Documents -> Downloads, then double click the icon. Then simply click the Connect button.

*Note - I need to know about the incoming connection ahead of time. If you need some PC Support please contact me.

Click here to download the PC Support Application

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